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Friday 27th April

posted 30 Apr 2018, 00:43 by Deputy Head

This week Acorns have had some very special visitors. We received a letter on Monday from a Mummy asking if we could help look after her eggs, we didn't know what would be inside them though. We made a list of things we could do to show we are responsible and made sure the incubator was warm enough to look after the eggs. On Tuesday and Wednesday all six of our eggs hatched and inside were ducklings. We have each held one and we have named and weighed them all. We looked at their water bowl to help us estimate the capacity and we have been writing a diary for their Mummy. Next week we will take them for a swimming lesson before they are all rehomed. 

Friday 13th April

posted 15 Apr 2018, 23:37 by Deputy Head

We hope everybody had a great Easter break, we're not sure where the time went but here we are having already completed our first week of the summer term! This half term in Acorns our topic is 'Once upon a time' throughout this topic we will be looking at well known fairytales and exploring a range of learning opportunities through it. This week we focused on The Gingerbread Man, we did some fantastic story re-telling using actions and a story map to help us, we made our own gingerbread men, hopefully they didn't try running away and we drew gingerbread men using 2D shapes. We also spent lots of this week watching clips of different sports from the Commonwealth Games. The children are so knowledgeable about a wide range of sports, we were really impressed. Watching these lead to discussions about the scoring systems, dedication required to be the best you can be and respect. In our PE lesson we all shook hands after completing some relay activities and said well done to each other like we had seen the professional athletes do. We also discussed the flags of each country as one of the children pointed out our (England) flag was different to when we had seen some of the Winter Olympics as we were then competing as Great Britain. A fantastic first week back!  

Friday 23rd March

posted 27 Mar 2018, 04:32 by Deputy Head

The final week of the Spring term has already been and gone and what a busy week it was. We started the final week on Monday with our sport relief challenge, this saw us support our single Acorn who had attended marathon club this year finish her final 5 laps of the field before being presented with her, real metal, medal something which really impressed us! Then all of Acorns had our chance to try and run a mile before being presented with a sticker for our efforts, it was lovely to see so much parent support. On Wednesday we focused on looking at how people with disabilities are affected in their day to day lives and we found out more about Down's Syndrome and watched a video featuring one of our pupils siblings which is helping to raise the profile and understanding of the condition. On Friday we had a very busy Easter filled day with a trip to church for our Easter service, followed by a pasta hunt, and Easter egg hunt and an Easter tombola. Finally we finished the day with a film and popcorn as a reward for house points. We are ready for a relaxing Easter break now!

Friday 9th March 2018

posted 12 Mar 2018, 00:39 by Deputy Head

This week Acorns have been really busy and all because they wanted to say 'Thank You' to their wonderful Mum's! At the start of the week we decided we wanted to do something special for our Mum's for Mothers Day. We agreed to hold an afternoon tea for them. We had to design and write our own invitations, make decorations for the table, make some cards and of course on the day the actual afternoon tea itself. We made lemon drizzle cake, brownies, butterfly cakes, scones and three types of sandwiches all from scratch. It was a very busy day but we all took turns and enjoyed taking our Mum's orders in the afternoon before sharing some of the cakes with them. A great time was had by all.

Friday 2nd March 2018

posted 3 Mar 2018, 12:51 by Deputy Head

This week Acorns have been learning about how we have heroes in our communities. We explored what a community was and then talked about the different people who help us in our school community. We then used the book Supertato, written by Sue Hendra, as our inspiration for our literacy lessons and our art/DT work. We each made our own superhero vegetables and wrote a speech bubble before photographing them in-front of a background. We also had some fun in the snow exploring the different 3D shapes we could make and measuring how deep it was. We also finished learning the new phase 3 sounds, air, ure and ear.   

Friday 23rd February 2018

posted 25 Feb 2018, 05:27 by Deputy Head

This week Acorns have started learning through a broad topic of Superheroes. This week we have been focusing on the Winter Olympics, we looked at which skills both Olympians and superheroes have that are the same. We made bobble hats using a range of different materials and textures to help keep them warm and of course we looked at some of the different sports. Curling seemed to be a favourite with the class! We looked at how the scoring works, what the rules were and even began to understand more about how the teams use different tactics to try and win the games. In our independent learning time the children set up their own Olympic events outside, including an impressive bobsleigh track, using a box for the bobsleigh they tried very hard to navigate their course. In phonics this week we continue to look at our phase 3 sounds, including or, ar and ow. In maths we were practising our recognition of number and ordering them, some children were exploring how to show numbers using numicon, developing an understanding of place value. Next week we will be focusing more on the superheroes in our community. 

Friday 9th February 2018

posted 17 Feb 2018, 12:28 by Deputy Head

Acorns finished this half term with a very busy day all linked to pancakes! Although pancake day is in the half term break, Acorns have been working very hard all week to find out more about the day itself. During their literacy sessions they have been exploring pancakes through a story called 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes', the children weren't very impressed with how Mr Wolfs neighbours treated him though. On Thursday the children wrote their shopping lists, counted out their money and visited a shop to buy the ingredients so they would be ready for the afternoon. During the afternoon the children worked in three groups to take it in turns to make pancakes, take and place orders and wash up afterwards. The children all enjoyed their pancakes and our visiting governor was very impressed with their accuracy in recording and delivering the orders as they had been asked for. A great way to end a busy half term!  

Wednesday 31st January 2018

posted 31 Jan 2018, 07:06 by Deputy Head

This week Acorns have been very busy learning through the story of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. On Monday the children came to school wearing their best explorer clothing, many of the children also came with their binoculars to help them in their hunt for the bear. We watched Michael Rosen perform the story to us before we got ready and  walked in two's and practised our counting, then we said the repeating parts of the story as we continued on our bear hunt. We had to go through the long grass, the cold river, squelchy mud, forest and the swirling snow storm. When we got to our wildlife area we made our own caves for our own little bears. The children have now started to write their own story. A very busy week which will be finished with circuits on Friday. Well done Acorns!

Friday 12th January 2018

posted 12 Jan 2018, 08:09 by Deputy Head

Here we are two weeks into the new term already! The children came back refreshed and ready to learn and we have started our new topic of Underground and Overground by looking at minibeasts. We have built houses for minibeasts and talked about animals who hibernate over the winter, we've also been busy writing our own information book about minibeasts. In our maths lessons this week we have been learning how to add two groups of objects together by using singapore bars and we've been counting in 10s. With Mrs Hyman we have been learning how to use the learn pads, understanding what the different icons do and how we can change from one program to another. A great start to our new term, next week we will be thinking about how things move in the air. 

Friday 15th December 2017

posted 16 Dec 2017, 08:33 by Deputy Head

Over the past two weeks we have been very busy getting into the festive spirit. Acorns and Oaks performed their nativity play twice and did brilliantly, they remembered their words, the songs and where to go when and looked fantastic in their costumes. Last week we went with the rest of the school to MK theatre to watch Cinderella. We were very excited to see two children from Oaks go on to the stage to sing a song with Brian Conley (Buttons). Following on from this we have been doing lots of re-telling of the story ourselves with some children being particularly keen to be directors helping the others remember the story. In Santa's workshop the children have been very busy writing cards and wrapping presents and we really enjoyed exploring the snow and ice at the start of this week. The final three days of term will be equally busy with a trip to church, a Christmas party and Christmas cards and calendars to make, we will definitely be ready for our Christmas break!

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