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Friday 16th November

posted 18 Nov 2018, 10:13 by Deputy Head

Today, the children came in wearing a range of spotty and colourful outfits, all to help us support Children in Need. Throughout the day the children worked in mixed groups with other children throughout the school, they completed different activities with some making animations, some a giant Pudsey using pointillism and others keeping active and making hats using different media. All the children had great fun and learnt about and raised money for Children in Need. In the past few weeks Acorns have continued to learn new phonics sounds and have now learnt s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,o,c,k,ck,e and u. They have also been looking carefully at spotting tricky words such as 'the'. In maths Acorns have been busy measuring both length and weight, in the coming week they will be finding out about more and less or fewer than. The children made a fantastic collective piece of artwork for armistice day and they wore their handmade poppies with pride at the war memorial. This half term encourages the children to think about the differences in the past and the present whilst continuing to learn about our school values and the associated stories from the Bible. A busy few weeks already finished for the Acorns this half term!

Friday 5th October

posted 7 Oct 2018, 06:45 by Deputy Head

In the past two weeks Acorns have been focusing on friendships and pets. In art lessons the children have been painting pictures for a friend, they had to choose their colours and think about their design. In phonics they have been practising segmenting and blending sounds with the help of Robbie the Robot and this week they learnt the first three sounds s,a and t. All children visit the library each week and bring a book home to share, some children this week were also given a reading book to share at home. In maths the children have been learning about repeating patterns, the days of the week and positional language. As part of the pets theme Acorns set up their own vets outside, they enjoyed taking x-rays to look at the bones and applying bandages to help! Acorns also went for a walk up the hill to visit All Saints Church, they asked lots of questions and were lucky to be able to explore the church and even hear a bell ring. Fantastic behaviour from all the children, helping us to safely get up to the church, well done Acorns! 

Friday 21st September

posted 23 Sep 2018, 23:42 by Deputy Head

This week Acorns attended their first whole school sharing assembly, they enjoyed seeing what all the other classes have been busy learning about and it was really useful for them to see the Year 6 children being presented with their roles of responsibility. We look forward to working with our class leader and JRSO to help us all be safe and happy. This week Acorns have also been busy continuing to explore their understanding of number and numerals in maths, rhythm and rhyme in literacy and continuing to enjoy PE lessons where they have been focusing on finding different ways to travel and how to find space. Next week we will be thinking about our friends and what is similar and different about us. 

Friday 14th September

posted 16 Sep 2018, 05:51 by Deputy Head

This week Acorns stayed for lunch and then completed three full days of school. They enjoyed their first PE lessons and did really well getting changed, undoing tricky buttons and finding their socks again! In our phonics sessions this week we have been thinking about different sounds we can hear, we went on a listening walk around school and identified if sounds were loud or quiet. In our maths sessions we have been recognising numbers and learning ways to count objects accurately. We also had some visitors come in to see us this week, Logan who is 2 years old, his sister Matilda who is 2 weeks old and their parents came in so we could ask lots of questions to find out about the things they can do and how they are different. They are going to visit us every term so we can see how they change as they grow older. Next week we will continue to base our work around families, looking at how each family has similarities and differences. 

Friday 7th September

posted 7 Sep 2018, 08:54 by Deputy Head

Acorns have been in school for their first couple of mornings this week, they all did brilliantly and even sat in a whole school assembly and introduced themselves to all the other children! We have explored our new outdoor area and begun to learn each others names. We have sung some maths songs and done a little bit of counting round in our circles. Next week we will be continuing to learn all about ourselves and beginning to explore our families. We are looking forward to a full week next week, including staying for some lunchtimes, well done for a fantastic start, Acorns!

Monday 2nd July

posted 1 Jul 2018, 23:59 by Deputy Head

In the last couple of weeks Acorns have been busy practising their writing skills in lots of different scenarios, following on from our postcard writing we looked at how to plan and write our own story. We made a story map which had two problems and two solutions in it and then we used this to help us write our stories. Our stories all had a main character who was the mascot we designed, linking to the World Cup. We made clay models of our mascots and thought carefully about how we could make them stand up. In our maths lessons we have been learning how to show our understanding using the reasoning grids, on this grids we have to show a way to work out the calculation, draw a way, explain it and prove it. For our first try at using them we all did really well and thought of lots of different ways to show our learning. Towards the end of the week Acorns had a water afternoon, we changed into our swimming costumes, found some goggles and enjoyed lots of different activities which helped to keep us cool.  

Monday 18th June

posted 18 Jun 2018, 08:41 by Deputy Head

Acorns had some special visitors to school this afternoon for an afternoon of STEM based activities. The children worked hard with their parents to explore bubbles, rockets, beebots and egg drops to name just a few activities. The children all enjoyed the afternoon and it was great to see so many enthusiastic parents exploring the activities too, thank you. This half term Acorns are learning all about the wonders of the world. We have been writing about some of them and last week made our own postcards, which we posted in the village postbox on Friday. In our maths lessons we have been practising reading and recording number sentences and this week we will be moving on to look at finding one more or less and how we could record that. In music last week we were exploring pitch and this week we will continue to develop our understanding of this with a range of instruments. On Friday last week we looked at the football World Cup, Acorns are very good at spotting flags and after making links to our Book World Cup in the first week back the children were all very keen to find out more. Friday afternoon's PE lesson became a football lesson, all scoring goals for their respective teams (spotty, stripey and yellow). At the end of the shooting activity the children all shook hands with each other and said well done for giving it their best effort. These final weeks of the school year go by so quickly as we have a lot of things every week, next up for Acorns is a couple of governors coming to visit and see what we are learning about this week.

Friday 18th May

posted 22 May 2018, 08:06 by Deputy Head

These last few weeks have continued to be very busy in Acorns, the ducklings have left us and have continued to grow in their new homes. In our literacy lessons we have been learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, we have written the story and planted our own beans, they have grown almost as quickly as the one in the story! We will be bringing our beans home soon so they can continue to grow in our own gardens. In maths we have continued to learn about 3D shapes and their properties whilst also exploring how to find double of a number. Next week we will be exploring how to find half of a number by sharing fairly. In music we have been finding out what noises different instruments make and continuing to tap in a rhythm. Our PE lessons have continued to develop our ball skills with throwing and catching on Wednesdays and in Friday lessons we have been getting reading for sports day.  

Friday 27th April

posted 30 Apr 2018, 00:43 by Deputy Head

This week Acorns have had some very special visitors. We received a letter on Monday from a Mummy asking if we could help look after her eggs, we didn't know what would be inside them though. We made a list of things we could do to show we are responsible and made sure the incubator was warm enough to look after the eggs. On Tuesday and Wednesday all six of our eggs hatched and inside were ducklings. We have each held one and we have named and weighed them all. We looked at their water bowl to help us estimate the capacity and we have been writing a diary for their Mummy. Next week we will take them for a swimming lesson before they are all rehomed. 

Friday 13th April

posted 15 Apr 2018, 23:37 by Deputy Head

We hope everybody had a great Easter break, we're not sure where the time went but here we are having already completed our first week of the summer term! This half term in Acorns our topic is 'Once upon a time' throughout this topic we will be looking at well known fairytales and exploring a range of learning opportunities through it. This week we focused on The Gingerbread Man, we did some fantastic story re-telling using actions and a story map to help us, we made our own gingerbread men, hopefully they didn't try running away and we drew gingerbread men using 2D shapes. We also spent lots of this week watching clips of different sports from the Commonwealth Games. The children are so knowledgeable about a wide range of sports, we were really impressed. Watching these lead to discussions about the scoring systems, dedication required to be the best you can be and respect. In our PE lesson we all shook hands after completing some relay activities and said well done to each other like we had seen the professional athletes do. We also discussed the flags of each country as one of the children pointed out our (England) flag was different to when we had seen some of the Winter Olympics as we were then competing as Great Britain. A fantastic first week back!  

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