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Acorns Latest News

May 2021

posted 20 May 2021, 03:26 by Deputy Head

Acorns have continued to enjoy accessing different areas of the curriculum and the classroom throughout their school day. They have continued to develop their confidence in using phase 3 phonics, they are now able to recognise digraphs and trigraphs in words and are able to answer yes and no questions by reading the sentences. They have been practising writing captions and short sentences and have become really good at using their finger spacers as part of their writing. In maths they have been learning how to understand and solve addition and subtraction sentences and they have been getting better at writing numbers using an accurate formation. This half term the lessons have been based around Dinosaurs, they have learnt lots of facts about dinosaurs, found out about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and have been busy finding out about skeletons. In music the children have become really confident finding the pulse and showing it in different ways and they are enjoying their PE lessons outside where they have been practising their ball skills. 

April 2021

posted 16 Apr 2021, 08:30 by Deputy Head

The children have had a busy first week back after the Easter holidays. We have started our new topic about dinosaurs with finding out about what hatches from an egg, the children were really interested in a video showing how a chick develops inside the egg before it hatches. In our phonics lessons we have been recapping some of our phase 3 sounds whilst building our confidence in reading and writing sentences. In maths this week we have been building numbers beyond 10 using numicon, dienes cubes and writing it in a whole part grid. Next week we will be looking at life cycles and continuing our dinosaur topic with a look at Harry and the Dinosaurs books.

March 2021

posted 3 Mar 2021, 03:45 by Deputy Head

It has been a strange term with the children learning from home and whilst it has been lovely to see them take their learning into their home environment we are very excited to be welcoming the children back to school next week. We are part way through our topic of People Who Help Us. Last week we found out about firefighters and next week we will be linking to Mother's Day by thinking about the people who help us at home, something we should know a lot about after the last couple of months! Following that we will be finding out more about the roles with the NHS and then finishing with the Police. This is a topic which always interests the children and I can't wait to see the children back in school sharing their learning with us. 

Friday 4th December 2020

posted 4 Dec 2020, 02:00 by Deputy Head

These last couple of weeks Acorns have been getting into the festive sprit with the help of Tink the Elf. Tink brings us a book everyday and leaves a message about what he has been doing. This morning he had been playing uno with some of his friends in Acorns, this is a game which Acorns themselves enjoy, matching the colours and the numbers. Acorns have started learning their phase 3 sounds in phonics and have covered j,v,w and x this week. In maths the focus has been on days of the week, months of the year and night and day. 

15th November 2020

posted 15 Nov 2020, 09:57 by Deputy Head

What a busy week we have had this week. In our lessons we completed the last of our phase 2 sounds this week learning, f, l, ff, ll and ss. The children are getting better at spotting tricky words such as I and the too. In our maths lessons we have been thinking about how numbers can be represented and practised showing numbers using counters and other objects. In our understanding of the world lesson we focused on Poppy Day, finding out why we wear poppies and why we think it is important to 'remember'. On Wednesday 11th November we walked down to our village war memorial and talked about what we could see, then at 11 o'clock we held a service and a minutes silence on our playground with the rest of the school stood in their bubble's. On Friday it was Children in Need day, the children came in 'odd' clothing as was our theme for the day chosen by our school council, we took part in different activities from Joe Wick's morning workout through to baking Chocolate Crispie Cakes and we spent time finding out about the Children in Need charity and who it raises money for. A very busy but great week! 

First week back

posted 8 Nov 2020, 09:57 by Deputy Head

In our first week back after half term Acorns have been learning the phase 2 sounds e,u,h and r. We have nearly finished learning all of our phase 2 sounds and the children are recognising them really well without using pictures, we are super impressed. In our maths lessons this week we were focusing on the number 4 and finding out what happens when we add one more, the numberblocks really help us to show this. In our understanding of the world lessons we have been finding out about how to keep ourselves safe around bonfires and fireworks, the children knew so much already! In PE w are continuing with our dance lessons and ball skills outside and we have moved on to developing our fine motor skills by looking at particular letters in our handwriting lessons, this week we looked at long ladder letters such as l, i, t and r. Next week we will be learning about some celebrations and finding out about the Children in Need charity.

23rd October 2020

posted 23 Oct 2020, 04:19 by Deputy Head

This half term has gone so quickly I'm not quite sure where it has gone! In phonics this week we have learnt the three ways of making the same sound, c, k and the digraph ck. In maths we have been finding out how to tell the time, we have looked at o'clock and half past times and the children enjoyed playing 'What's the time Mr Wolf.' In our Understanding the World lesson this week we have looked at stained glass windows and painted our own using water colour paints. In music we used indian bells, castanets and claves again to help us find the beat in a piece of music and we had a go at making our own pumpkins using just a piece of paper and a pipe cleaner. Another great, busy week in Acorns. We look forward to seeing all the children back after a restful half term.

16th October 2020

posted 16 Oct 2020, 08:59 by Deputy Head

This week in Acorns we have learnt the sounds n,m,d,o and g, the children have been amazing at writing these and they can already sound out and read some words with these sounds in. In maths we have been finding different ways to represent a number, for example looking at 5 we showed 5 fingers, counted 5 counters, found a 5 on a dice etc In our PSED lesson we thought about choices we can make to help us be happy, healthy and safe and in our music lessons we have continued to find the beat of a piece of music, this week we used claves to help us. Another great week in Acorns and we got to welcome a new Acorn too which was lovely!

10th October

posted 11 Oct 2020, 07:52 by Deputy Head

I can't believe we are already coming towards the end of the first half term! Acorns have been amazing, in phonics we have already learnt the following phase 2 sounds, s,a,t,p,i and n. The children have been amazing at blending and segmenting these sounds, they have been practising how to write them and so already they are able to write simple words such as tap and sat independently. In maths we have been exploring numbers and talking about the world around us using mathematical language, we have learnt how to order numicon to 10 and have enjoyed spending time playing games such as numicon city, where the children have to find the matching shapes. We have been thinking about our families, friends and pets and have enjoyed role playing some of these scenarios. This week we have been thinking about harvest and what all the farmers do for us. This coming week we will be finding out a little bit more about our school community and the area that our school is in.

Welcome to our new Acorns

posted 12 Sept 2020, 08:13 by Deputy Head

This week saw us welcome our new Acorns into school and what a great first week we had! Due to the current circumstances the week started with the children visiting with their parents before attending on Thursday and Friday morning on their own, we had lots of smiles and the children have already begun to learn each other's names. All the children have also managed to climb over the A frame independently during the week too. A small cohort this year has been perfect for helping the children quickly settle after a long time away from pre-schools.  Next week we are looking forward to beginning phonics lessons and having our first PE lessons in school, whilst also staying for lunchtime. 

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