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Spring 2

posted 4 Mar 2020, 06:24 by Deputy Head

Acorns have come back to school after half term and have already been very busy! In phonics we have finished learning all our new Phase 3 sounds and we are now consolidating our learning before we move onto Phase 4 sounds. In literacy we have been learning how to put all our sounds together to make phonetically plausible words and then writing groups of words to make sentences. In maths we have been exploring money and we have been finding out what estimating means. Last week for pancake day we all designed a pancake, then cooked it, flipped it and decorated it before finally eating it. This half term we will be visited by the police, a nurse and a therapy pet!

New Year!

posted 16 Jan 2020, 03:44 by Deputy Head

Acorns have had a busy start to the New Year! The topic in Acorns this half term is 'Explorers' and as part of that we have been learning about pirates. On the first day back Acorns all arrived in fantastic pirate costumes, we made a treasure hunt for another member of staff, tea stained our treasure maps to make them look old and made our own parrots out of cups. In our phonics lessons we have continued to develop our knowledge and understanding of phase 3 sounds, including lots of new digraphs, the children have taken these on board really well and we are impressed with how their writing is developing. In maths we have been looking at different ways we can make 5,6 and 7. We have been learning about whole part models and reading our number stories aloud to everyone. In our art lessons we looked at an artist called Kandinsky and have used his circle method to make an underwater scene. In our understanding the world lessons we found out some information about pirates and have looked at how to programme a beebot. We are looking forward to continuing our learning through the topic. 

Friday 22nd November

posted 24 Nov 2019, 02:06 by Deputy Head

It has been a busy half term in Acorns so far, last week we learnt all about why we wear poppies at this time of year and we all walked to the local war memorial to remember those who gave their lives for us. On the Friday we held some fundraising events for Children in Need, we took part in a range of activities, came to school in non uniform and baked some cakes for a cake sale after school. This week we have been focusing on how things have changed from the past to now, we compared different toys and looked at how transport has changed. We have finished learning all of our phase 2 sounds and will now spend a couple of weeks consolidating our knowledge before moving onto phase 3. In our literacy lessons we looked at how a sentence is constructed and it's key features such as a full stop at the end of the sentence and in our maths lessons we have been looking at finding more and less. We have also started learning our Christmas play, with lots of songs and actions to remember!

Friday 11th October 2019

posted 11 Oct 2019, 03:32 by Deputy Head

This week Acorns walked up the hill to All Saints Church with Mr Malleson helping us, we talked about some of the features of a church and talked about what would happen next week when we visit the church for our harvest assembly. Following on from our visit to the church where we looked at stained glass windows we made our own version in the classroom on our window, with all the children adding their handprints. In our maths lessons this week we have been learning how to find one more and next week we will be exploring how to find one less. In our phonics lessons we have learnt the sounds s,a,t,p,i,n and m, we are continuing to practise our blending skills. We have enjoyed our visits to the library on a Friday and the children have looked in books to find out about healthy eating, our topic for this week. 

Friday 27th September 2019

posted 27 Sep 2019, 08:41 by Deputy Head

Today we finished the day by going to the bake sale in the hall to support Macmillan, we had made some chocolate crispy cakes to help raise some money too. In our phonics lessons we have been thinking about segmenting and blending sounds with the help of Robbie the Robot and we got to jump the golden river! In our maths lessons we have been thinking about counting objects that have the same number and comparing their differences. We talked about how our friends can have similarities and differences to us and we know how to be a good friend. We spent our time in class worship thinking about how we can show kindness to one another.  

Friday 19th September

posted 23 Sep 2019, 23:44 by Deputy Head

This week Acorns have continued to be very busy exploring things for the first time. We have been to our first sharing assembly, our first library visit and we completed our first full time week. The children have all been fantastic and have taken each new thing in their stride. We particularly enjoyed our library visit on Friday and are looking forward to going again next week. In our PSED lesson this week we were talking about how we can make someone feel better if they are feeling sad, the children had lots of lovely ideas. In maths we were looking at different ways to group things and in our phonics sessions we were thinking about different noises and how they are made, along with exploring rhyme. 

Welcome to our new Acorns

posted 8 Sep 2019, 13:17 by Deputy Head

On Thursday and Friday we welcomed our new Acorns into school. They were all fantastic, we had no tears just lots of smiles as they got to know each other and their way around the school. We went to our first assembly, met the children in Oaks at playtime and went on a tour of the school. There are always a lot of new things to take in during the first few weeks of school but they all took it in their stride and I am looking forward to a brilliant year with them. 

June 2019

posted 9 Jun 2019, 03:06 by Deputy Head

All the children came back into school after half term with stories to tell and excited to see their friends. This half term Acorns are going to be doing lots of mini topics, starting this week with learning about Kings and Queens. Acorns found out some information about Queen Elizabeth II and found out how castles have changed from the past to now. They made their own drawbridges in a transition activity with Year 1 on Thursday afternoon and explored how to make their drawbridge open and close. Acorns were very busy in literacy lessons this week planning and writing their own stories, something that they have really impressed us with! In maths sessions they looked at how to find out if a number was odd or even and will be going on to do some problem solving next week. 

March 2019

posted 25 Mar 2019, 00:55 by Deputy Head

Acorns have had a lovely, busy half term so far! We are learning through a topic called 'People who help us' and have had visits from both a nurse who came to share with us some of the things she does and showed us some of the equipment she uses in her job and also two members of the police service came and allowed us to try on their uniforms, whilst answering our questions. We had pancake day in school too, we all got to flip a pancake and then went to the 'cafe' to buy our pancakes with our own choice of topping. This linked in well with our maths work on money that week. This week coming we have a special afternoon tea planned for our Mum's to help celebrate Mother's Day and we will also be visited by Matilda and Logan with their Mummy, last time they came to see us Matilda was only 2weeks old so it will be interesting to see how much she has changed!

14th February 2019

posted 14 Feb 2019, 02:53 by Deputy Head

These last couple of weeks have been as busy as the start of the term was! Acorns have continued to learn their phase 3 sounds in phonics and have become really confident writing and reading the associated tricky words. We have learnt about Chinese New Year, tried to do some Chinese writing and learnt about the Chinese New Year Story. This week we have been exploring the story 'We are going on a bear hunt'. In our maths lessons we have been finding out about doubling and halving. We have looked at ways to find double or half of a number and we have begun to look at finding half of a shape. In our music lessons we have been finding out about rhythms and choosing our own movements to these rhythms. In gymnastics we have continued to develop our confidence in different rolls and ways of travelling. After half term we will be learning all about the people who help us, a topic that always enthuses the children.

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