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10th October

posted 11 Oct 2020, 07:52 by Deputy Head
I can't believe we are already coming towards the end of the first half term! Acorns have been amazing, in phonics we have already learnt the following phase 2 sounds, s,a,t,p,i and n. The children have been amazing at blending and segmenting these sounds, they have been practising how to write them and so already they are able to write simple words such as tap and sat independently. In maths we have been exploring numbers and talking about the world around us using mathematical language, we have learnt how to order numicon to 10 and have enjoyed spending time playing games such as numicon city, where the children have to find the matching shapes. We have been thinking about our families, friends and pets and have enjoyed role playing some of these scenarios. This week we have been thinking about harvest and what all the farmers do for us. This coming week we will be finding out a little bit more about our school community and the area that our school is in.