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Friday 20th May

posted 22 May 2016, 13:48 by Deputy Head
The children, as I'm sure you know, have spent most of this week being busy looking after our ducklings. The eggs arrived on Monday, firstly we found out about the incubator they were kept in and why this was needed. Lots of the children chose to do pictures for the ducklings so when they hatched they weren't lonely. Three of our ducklings hatched on Wednesday morning, with lots of children getting to see the third one hatch live. Three others hatched Wednesday after school and the final one hatched on Friday morning. All the ducklings have changed so much and the children have been keeping their own duckling diary to monitor the changes. In maths this week we have been practising our adding and subtracting using the singapore bars, something the children are becoming increasingly confident using. In PSED the children have been continuing to find out about the people who help us in school and they have been asking them questions about their roles in school. It's hard to believe it is nearly half term again and then the children will be in their final half term of Foundation, we will be doing lots of transition work after half term to help the children settle in quickly in September. This coming week though will continue to be focused around the ducklings and their development, swimming lessons for the ducklings will be happening daily!