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Friday 23rd February 2018

posted 25 Feb 2018, 05:27 by Deputy Head
This week Acorns have started learning through a broad topic of Superheroes. This week we have been focusing on the Winter Olympics, we looked at which skills both Olympians and superheroes have that are the same. We made bobble hats using a range of different materials and textures to help keep them warm and of course we looked at some of the different sports. Curling seemed to be a favourite with the class! We looked at how the scoring works, what the rules were and even began to understand more about how the teams use different tactics to try and win the games. In our independent learning time the children set up their own Olympic events outside, including an impressive bobsleigh track, using a box for the bobsleigh they tried very hard to navigate their course. In phonics this week we continue to look at our phase 3 sounds, including or, ar and ow. In maths we were practising our recognition of number and ordering them, some children were exploring how to show numbers using numicon, developing an understanding of place value. Next week we will be focusing more on the superheroes in our community.