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Friday 25th November 2016

posted 27 Nov 2016, 05:57 by Deputy Head
This week started with lots of rain and with that came the opportunity for the children to put on their wellies and waterproof jackets to explore various things outside, the children were learning how to use stopwatches to measure how long something took, they used rulers to measure how deep the puddles were and they even made signs to show other people that it was slippy and so they needed to be careful. They found out about the different properties of some materials and the children now know why paper isn't used for making umbrellas! Acorns finished learning all of their sounds in phase 2 and they will spend the next couple of weeks recapping these and working on their blending and segmenting before some of them move on to phase 3 sounds in January. Of course they also carried on practising for the Christmas play and it was very exciting to get on the stage this week. Only three more weeks before the school breaks up for Christmas, the weeks are going so quickly!