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Monday 18th June

posted 18 Jun 2018, 08:41 by Deputy Head
Acorns had some special visitors to school this afternoon for an afternoon of STEM based activities. The children worked hard with their parents to explore bubbles, rockets, beebots and egg drops to name just a few activities. The children all enjoyed the afternoon and it was great to see so many enthusiastic parents exploring the activities too, thank you. This half term Acorns are learning all about the wonders of the world. We have been writing about some of them and last week made our own postcards, which we posted in the village postbox on Friday. In our maths lessons we have been practising reading and recording number sentences and this week we will be moving on to look at finding one more or less and how we could record that. In music last week we were exploring pitch and this week we will continue to develop our understanding of this with a range of instruments. On Friday last week we looked at the football World Cup, Acorns are very good at spotting flags and after making links to our Book World Cup in the first week back the children were all very keen to find out more. Friday afternoon's PE lesson became a football lesson, all scoring goals for their respective teams (spotty, stripey and yellow). At the end of the shooting activity the children all shook hands with each other and said well done for giving it their best effort. These final weeks of the school year go by so quickly as we have a lot of things every week, next up for Acorns is a couple of governors coming to visit and see what we are learning about this week.