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posted 2 May 2019, 23:35 by Anna Rust
This week we have continued with our banana project. We have learned about Fairtrade and the benefits that buying those products has on farmers in poorer communities. We did an simulation activity where the children  experienced what life might be like as a banana farmer. They had to 'produce' (using a limited amount of paper, colouring pencils and scissors) bananas that met a minimum quality standard. Part way through the game, each group had to deal with a situation. Some of these were negative situations such as drought or illness and the group had some of the equipment taken away. One the situations was positive - the farmers had joined a Fairtrade group - so the group of children received additional equipment. The children have been set the challenge of encouraging their grown ups to buy Fairtrade produce on your next visit to the supermarket. We have finished our banana project by making banana bread. See photos on the class page. Today, the children will be writing the instructions and tasting their bread.