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posted 27 Apr 2019, 12:00 by Anna Rust
Welcome back! We've had a tasty start to the new term. On Tuesday we used our senses to explore lots of different types of fruit. We learned about where some of the fruits come from and marked the countries on a world map. We also voted for our favourite fruits and then used the data to draw a bar chart. Mangoes and strawberries were very popular and avocado was a definite least favourite. Continuing with the fruity theme, we have begun learning about an artist called Giuseppe Arcimboldo who painted portraits made out of fruit. We will have a go at creating our own work in a similar style over the coming weeks. We have also started learning about the journey of a banana. We have looked at the stages in detail from where bananas are grown in Columbia all the way to when they reach the supermarkets in the UK. Next, we will explore Fairtrade and what life might be like as a banana farmer. 
In maths we have started a unit of work on decimals. This week we have looked at different ways of representing numbers with tenths (number line, bar model, pictures etc) and next we will be dividing one digit and two digit numbers by 10. 
On Friday afternoon, the children had a session in their house group, learning about their Saint and then completing an art activity.