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New Topic: Time Traveller

posted 19 Feb 2018, 01:03 by Bow Brickhill   [ updated 19 Feb 2018, 01:03 ]

Tick, tock, tick, tock...... the hands on the clock never stop.  From the moment we are born, from toddler to teen, middle age to elderly, time stops for no man.

In this half term's topic, Maples will be finding out what happens to our bodies and brains as we grow older and how we cope with these changes.  Children will investigate different questions that they have, related to how times have changed, both throughout history and since they were born.

Planets and PE

posted 1 Feb 2018, 01:14 by Bow Brickhill   [ updated 1 Feb 2018, 01:15 ]

In the last few weeks, Maples have been making and designing their own planets out of papier-mache.  It was extremely messy !

In addition to this, they have spend the last few PE lessons creating their very own PE circuits to test the class on.  It was amazing to see how they worked together throughout this process, as well as how they led the circuits and challenged each other to persevere with the variety of tasks presented to them.

African Drumming

posted 13 Nov 2017, 07:01 by Bow Brickhill   [ updated 13 Nov 2017, 07:01 ]

This term, Maples have been enjoying visits from the Milton Keynes Music Service, who have been coming in weekly to teach the children African Drumming.  The children have been learning about pulse, rhythym and basic techniques such as base and tone.  This half term they are composing a class musical piece which they are hoping to perform in a whole school assembly later in the term.  We know that the children have really enjoyed these sessions and many parents have reported requests for African drums for Christmas !!  Sorry parents !

Alchemy Island

posted 30 Oct 2017, 05:47 by C Wallis

In this half terms topic Maples will be exploring Alchemy Island. We will be going on a magical journey to explore the four different areas of this mysterious landscape. Get ready to meet lots of mythical creates, and prepare to unravel riddles to reveal the secrets of this stunning land where the Chief Alchemist lives. 

Terrifying Tudors

posted 24 Sep 2017, 04:09 by C Wallis

In the last few weeks Maples have been extremely busy researching into their new topic  'Off With Her Head'. So far we have:
- Looked into the life of Henry VIII and his sixth wives
- Researched into 'The Battle of Bosworth'
- Created a couple of newspaper articles advertising for a new wife for Henry 
- Looked at a range of crimes and punishments that happened during Henry VIII reign

The children are thoroughly enjoying the topic so far, and are excited to find out more about this period of time, as well as how it has influenced today's society. 

What a Scream !

posted 12 May 2017, 03:54 by Bow Brickhill   [ updated 12 May 2017, 03:58 ]

Our topic this half term has been Gallery Rebels.  We have been researching different artists who, in their day, were very much seen as doing something that was different - they were Rebels !  As part of this work, we have looked at various paintings to explore the emotions that they portray.  One of the paintings we have studied is "The Scream" by Edvard Munch.  The children were asked to write a piece of poetry about this painting and the results were absolutely amazing.  A selection of them have been displayed in the school but here's a few as a little taster of the standard of work that has been produced. 

The Scream

His esteem slowly falls apart, while he screams deep from his heart,
His piercing eyes stare into your soul, like you’re stuck in a black hole,
The flaming sky burns you like a fire, you feel like rubble from a burnt tyre,
The blue waves wash up and down, making you feel like you’re about to drown,
The wooden bridge creaks every time you move, you feel as if your about to drop through,
You look around and what do you see, everyone turning away from me,
Your face turns pale; you look sick and frail,
Then it’s about to happen, you start to shake, then you suddenly quake,
Then it comes out there, it is, it’s the scream,
People turn and stare; they give you looks and glare,
But you just stand there, your hands stuck to your cheeks,
Hoping someone will come get you, lift you right off your feet,
But no-one comes,
You have nowhere to run,
And that is the scream.
Precious, Year 6


The scream lied,
The scream tried,
The scream cried,
The scream loved,
But no one seemed to love him back.
The scream felt,
The scream touched,
The scream Laughed
The scream loved,
But no one seemed to love him back.
Scream only was loved by one simple person,
Who desired the screams wild love,
But the scream loved the bridge watcher so dearly,
But one day there was no bridge to watch,
And no purpose for a bridge watcher,
The scream felt,
The scream touched,
The scream laughed,
The scream loved,
But only one ever loved him.

Isaac, Year 6

The Scream

The water rises higher and higher,
The scream gets louder and louder,
The sky gets brighter and brighter.

Slowly people walk by,
The water gets lower and lower,
The scream gets quieter and quieter,
The sky gets darker and darker.

The piercing scream can no longer be heard,
Everything stops,
No more sky,
No more scream, 
No more water,
No more life.

The scream fights,
It fights for its life,
Cover your ears,
The scream has come back…

Pixie, Year 5

Blood Heart

posted 24 Feb 2017, 06:07 by C Wallis   [ updated 24 Feb 2017, 06:10 ]

Maples have started their new topic 'Blood Heart' which they are thoroughly enjoying. So far we have looked at the different parts of the circulatory system and completed a group task, this involved researching into the different components of the blood and heart. 

Next week Maples will be carrying on with their juxtaposition writing and looking at different themes across books. In maths they will be learning about different averages and have an introductory lesson on pie charts. The Year fives will also be looking at prime and square numbers, timetable knowledge is essential for the children to get the most out of these lessons. 

First Full Week Back

posted 13 Jan 2017, 08:09 by C Wallis

This week in topic sessions the children have been making cartouches out of salt dough and engraving hieroglyphics on them. The children thoroughly enjoyed this session and had a fantastic time getting messy! Maths lessons consisted of conversion which many of the children are still finding difficult. We are going to continue to look at this area of learning next week, so even more practice at home would really help their understanding. Next week, in English, the Year 6's will be looking at how to write a balanced argument, as well as what an active and passive sentence is. 

Have an amazing weekend and I shall see you on Monday morning :) 

New Year, New Topic.

posted 6 Jan 2017, 04:03 by C Wallis   [ updated 6 Jan 2017, 04:05 ]

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. On the first day back, Maples took part in a topic day. We played games and took part in quizzes associated with this half terms topic, Pharaohs.  Next week we will be looking at writing instructions on how to mummify a Pharaoh. In Maths the focus will be on converting measurements. This is something the children found difficult at the end of last term, so extra practice at home would be fantastic (especially cm-mm, cm-m and vice versa).

Dear diary....

posted 11 Oct 2016, 05:17 by Bow Brickhill

This week in Maples we have been creating pieces of writing based on our class topic, ‘A Child’s War’- this is in the form of diary entries and short stories. In maths Miss Wallis' group have moved onto place value of decimal points, whilst Mrs Hyman’s group are focusing on written multiplication and division. Towards the end of the week different groups of children have begun to write prayers and poems for the harvest festival coming up on the 14th October. We are researching into how the Food Bank helps those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

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