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5, 4, 3, 2, 1.......Blast Off

posted 24 Mar 2015, 07:01 by Bow Brickhill   [ updated 24 Mar 2015, 07:42 ]
Maples have had an exciting half term learning all about space, the moon and the lunar landings.  They have produced some fantastic lunar landscape collages as well as some very informative posters about the moon.  They have learnt about the Space Race and the lunar landings and the topic was fantastically finished off with a visit to the National Space Centre in Leicester and the solar eclipse which took place on Friday 20th March.

The Year 6 children have also attended the Easter Cracked event, at Water Eaton Baptist Church, which is organised by the Bridgebuilder Trust, part of the Scripture Union.  The event reflects on the true meaning of Easter through organised activities, games, crafts and storytelling.  It was thoroughly enjoyed by all the children who were very well behaved for the event.