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Mission Outer Space

posted 7 Nov 2019, 01:31 by Bow Brickhill   [ updated 7 Nov 2019, 01:32 ]
Over the next seven weeks, Maples will be learning about our incredible galaxy and the planets that make our Solar System.  We will look closely at the most recent scientific discoveries surrounding our universe and consider what is yet to be found out.

We kicked off our topic with a range of fun activities relating to the planets, making up our own mnemonic to remember the order of the planets, researching information to do with the planets and enjoying a virtual reality experience in the classroom, examining the planets in detail.

See if you can come up with a mnemonic to remember the order yourselves !
Mercury                My
Venus                   Very 
Earth                    Eager
Mars                     Mother
Jupiter                 Just
Saturn                  Served
Uranus                  Us
Neptune               Noodles