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Visit to the allotment

posted 26 Jun 2018, 06:45 by Bow Brickhill   [ updated 26 Jun 2018, 06:46 ]
Maples, today went on a visit to the Woburn Sands Allotments as part of our Allotment topic.  It was a very hot day but fortunately we left school quite early and therefore, the walk to the allotments was quite pleasant as the temperature hadn't risen too much and we were in the shade for the majority of the walk.

We were greeted at the allotments by Colin, the Chairman of the Allotment Society.  He showed the children the allotment site and talked to them about some of its history, before showing them some of the crops that he grows on his plot and talking to them about the type of crops that can be grown.

After a shady break for a drink and a snack, Colin then explained to the children how the allotments are measured in "poles" and where the measurement of "poles" originated.  Did you know that its a very ancient measuring system dating back to Henry VIII ??

After having lunch in some shade at the allotments, we returned to school via the Bow Brickhill woods.  All of the children seemed to enjoy the trip and were paying close attention to the information Colin told them.  A great day out for all and a very big thank you to Colin for giving up his time to talk to the children.