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Moon Zoom

posted 27 Nov 2019, 00:05 by Anna Rust

This half term we are learning about space. We begun the topic by making space themed boxes with stars and planets (our challenge was to make planets with rings!) which we are now using in our role play area. 

The book linked to this topic at the moment is Beegu. We are looking at the story in depth by discussing the main character's thoughts and feelings, role playing parts of the book, predicting what might happen next and responding to the illustrations. We have completed other activities linked to the book for example Lost Beegu posters and clay models of Beegu. 

So far this term, we have also created 'Starry Night' pictures in the style of Van Gough and begun rehearsals for our Christmas play.

A visit from an astrophysicist!

posted 26 Nov 2019, 23:57 by Anna Rust   [ updated 26 Nov 2019, 23:57 ]

Last week we had a visit from Sam who is an astrophysicist. We went in a planetarium and started off by looking at the stars, the moon and the sun. After that, we learnt about each planet in our solar system and we could see what each one looks like. As well as learning lots of facts, we also thought of many questions. Luckily, we had a Q&A session with Sam to answer some of these questions. We also got to hold space rocks! We were stunned that these rocks were magnetic! We will link the visit to literacy by writing thank you letters to Sam and by writing non-fiction texts about our favourite planets. 


posted 11 Oct 2019, 04:26 by Anna Rust

This week we have focused on the Gruffalo's Child story by Julia Donaldson. We worked together to make salt dough and then we used this to make a character from the story. We have also designed a Gruffalo using 2Paint on the laptops and we are beginning to write sentences to describe him. We are trying hard to use interesting adjectives and conjunctions such as and, because. We are also working hard on our computing skills - we have learned how to login in and we are now working on word processing skills. In maths, we are moving on to addition and subtraction. 

To support your child at home, it would be useful if you could practice computing skills such as typing (recognizing capital letters is tricky for some children at the moment), spelling their surname (this is needed for logging in to the school laptops) and changing between capital and lower case letters. 


posted 2 Oct 2019, 05:43 by Anna Rust

Attached to this blog post is a copy of the homework for this half term. Please could the tasks be brought into school on Monday 21st October. Thank you. 

Woodland Walk

posted 26 Sep 2019, 06:48 by Anna Rust

Today we went for a walk around Bow Brickhill woods. We picked blackberries to be made into crumbles next week and we created leaf and bark rubbings. We also looked out for things such as dogs and birds and made a tally chart to show how many of each thing we spotted. We will write a recount of our journey next week. 
This week we have started to compare numbers using greater than, less than and equals to symbols. We have also given verbal instructions to direct a baddie around the farmyards we designed using words such as left, right, straight on and around. We will be writing these instructions down next week. 

What the Ladybird Heard

posted 20 Sep 2019, 04:35 by Anna Rust

This week, our learning has been focused around the Julia Donaldson story of 'What the Ladybird Heard'. We have acted out the story by adding actions and sound effects. We then made collage farmyards and thought about which materials to choose. Later in the week, we learned how to sort the animals into a venn diagram and we designed our own farmyards to be used as a writing stimulus next week. 

Reading books

posted 20 Sep 2019, 04:32 by Anna Rust

We have updated the reading books in school and have organised the system. Your child has been given a reading book to take home each day. Please look after them and read at home as much as possible! In the front of your child's reading record are their TTRockstar login details. TTRockstars (a times tables website) can be accessed from home and, when used regularly, is really good for developing fluency and quick recall of the times table facts. 

Enchanted Woodland

posted 20 Sep 2019, 04:29 by Anna Rust   [ updated 20 Sep 2019, 04:29 ]

Welcome back for another school year. We have made a very busy start! Over the holidays, the children created some fantastic woodland themed costumes and accessories which they wore during the first day back. On that day, we also made woodland boxes using natural resources and other things such as tissue paper and paint. The children thought carefully abut how to make it look realistic using the resources available to them. They worked very well with their teams and thought of some creative ideas. 

Animal Presentations

posted 24 Mar 2019, 10:55 by H East

Thank you so much for your wonderful presentations! It is very clear that the children worked very hard and each presentation contained excellent facts. The class has learnt a lot about a range of animals.

We have not finished showing all of the presentations just yet, so homework books will go home with a new homework task next Wednesday instead. This way we can use some of the presentations, and their fantastic facts, in our Science lessons at the beginning of next week.

Thank you again to all parents for helping and working with children to create these wonderful fact files! It is clear that they have learnt a lot from this homework task.

World Book Day

posted 7 Mar 2019, 09:52 by H East

World Book Day was lots of fun! We read a range of Winnie the Witch stories and decided to create Winnie, her cat Wilbur and her broomstick! The children looked amazing and we could tell that a lot of effort had been put into their outfits. Thank you to parents, friends and family for helping the children to have such a successful day!

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