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Florence Nightingale

posted 9 Jun 2021, 10:06 by Anna Rust
Our topic this half term is Florence Nightingale. The children started off by painting large red crosses and setting up a field hospital with a range of 'medical' supplies. They also dressed up as doctors and nurses. Half of the class pretended to be soldiers injured on the battlefields during the Crimean war. The rest of the children acted as nurses and either treated the casualties on the field or helped them to the 'hospital'. They wrapped limbs in bandages, tried making slings, practised walking with crutches and made 'medicines'. The children then swapped over. They all played their roles brilliantly and had a great time. 

This week, the children also enjoyed learning that Florence Nightingale had a pet owl. They had fun making owl masks and completing some owl themed mindfulness colouring.  We have also begun finding out more about Florence's life. The children took part in a treasure hunt to find out Key facts about her childhood and the beginning of her nursing career. 

In the coming weeks, we will find out more about Florence Nightingale and her work in Scutari. We will also learn about other significant nurses such as Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell. As part of PHSE, the children will learn about keeping healthy with the aim of creating leaflets about nutrition, exercise and other important lifestyle factors.