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Wriggle and Crawl

posted 28 Feb 2020, 07:07 by Anna Rust
We began our new topic for this half term by looking at insects. We learnt about the three main parts of an insect (head, thorax, abdomen) as well as other parts such as legs and wings. We then applied our learning to creating a new variety of insect. We drew a design and then discussed its habitat. Then, we painted the background of the habitat using watercolour paints and added features such as logs which we made using craft materials. 

On Tuesday, we had a Pancake themed day where we talked about our favourite toppings and drew pictograms to show this information and we rewrote our own version of the Runaway Pancake story. We made and flipped pancakes as well of course! 

On Thursday we had a Very Hungry Caterpillar themed day. After listening to the story, we planned a snack for the character. Next, we prepared the snack by cutting fruit, cheese and marshmallows into pieces and putting them onto kebab sticks. We then became the Hungry Caterpillar and ate our kebab sticks, whilst thinking about adjectives to describe the different foods. In the afternoon, we wrote instructions for what we did. 

This week in maths we have continued out statistics learning. We have made tally charts, pictograms and bar graphs, both on the laptops and by hand, linked to our topic and Pancake Day. Next week we are moving on to fractions.