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Brass Instrument invasion !

posted 29 Apr 2019, 07:10 by Bow Brickhill   [ updated 29 Apr 2019, 07:11 ]

Last week, the children of Bow Brickhill Primary had the pleasure of a visit from the Milton Keynes Music Service who came in to school to introduce the children to the idea of playing a brass instrument.  A tuba, trumpet, french horn and trombone player made up the ensemble.  They got children up to play the "hosepipe" (a length of hosepipe, the same length as each instrument if its pipes were straightened) and showed them how the various instruments sounded individually and as an ensemble.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Information was sent home with the children with details regarding how they could learn to play any of the instruments.

Sewing Club

posted 28 Mar 2019, 06:35 by Bow Brickhill   [ updated 28 Mar 2019, 06:35 ]

This term we have been very lucky to,  again,  have had Mrs Ritschel in to run a sewing club.  The children have had a fantastic time sewing Easter baskets, bags and toys.  Well done to all the children who took part - you've created some fantastic sewing projects.  And a big thank you to Mrs Ritschel.

Scooter Training

posted 28 Mar 2019, 06:23 by Bow Brickhill   [ updated 28 Mar 2019, 06:24 ]

This week Oaks class had a change to their curriculum, spending an afternoon learning how to use scooters safely. They learnt about the importance of safety gear, how to balance and use their coordination as well as various aspects of road safety such as learning to share pavements with the public, tackling sharp or blind corners and of course riding near or crossing roads. The children loved the session and even learnt a few tricks!

New Gazebo/Quiet Area

posted 28 Mar 2019, 06:21 by Bow Brickhill   [ updated 28 Mar 2019, 06:21 ]

Thanks to the fundraising of FOTS, we now have a fantastic new wooden gazebo in the quiet area on the playground. The children have been very excited, watching its construction and can now enjoy having a place to sit and reflect or where they can chat to friends. We are very grateful to Mr Leeming and Mr Malleson, two of our governors who have given their time to build it.

Marathon Club

posted 18 Mar 2019, 07:47 by Bow Brickhill   [ updated 18 Mar 2019, 07:47 ]

Congratulations to Marathon Club who completed their final laps of the field and were awarded their medals on Friday. After running three mornings a week since October, runners from Acorns and Oaks have now run the equivalence of a marathon (25 miles) and Cedars and Maples runners have completed an ultra-marathon (50 miles) – quite an achievement! A big thank you goes to Miss Rust who has braved the different weather conditions with the children over the last 5 months.

Comic Relief Day 2019

posted 18 Mar 2019, 07:27 by Bow Brickhill   [ updated 18 Mar 2019, 07:28 ]

Well done to everyone who supported Comic Relief day, dressing in red and donating money to this brilliant charity. 
After a special assembly reminding the children about the work of Comic Relief in this country and overseas, the children had great fun working in house groups. During the day we told jokes, drew self-portraits (inspired by the Comic Relief film telling the story of a refugee called Farhad) and made action motion red nose films. Making red nose pizzas and decorating biscuits was also a popular activity - almost as much as eating them!

World Book Day

posted 7 Mar 2019, 06:50 by Bow Brickhill   [ updated 7 Mar 2019, 06:51 ]

Witches, wizards and their pets arrived at school for World Book Day, eager to have fun and learn about books incorporating such characters. After a whole school assembly which introduced World Book Day, the children returned to their classrooms to take part in a range of curriculum activities linked to stories including drama, art and literacy. Maths and science was also included with some classes collecting and recording data about book preferences and making battery power wands. Our day finished with secret surprise readers visiting each class to share stories on our magical theme. 

Spring Term update

posted 6 Mar 2019, 05:16 by Bow Brickhill   [ updated 7 Mar 2019, 06:36 ]

With the spring term now well underway, we are having a busy time in school. We are so proud of the children who competed at the Bucks Schools Cross Country competition in February. They showed incredible determination, running 1600m over a tough course.

Pupils have also represented our school at a Racket Pack Festival and Dodgeball Tournament, joining with children from other schools to enjoy sport and to demonstrate their skills in a competitive environment.

We’ve had a number of events organised by FOTS including a Kids Movie Night, EcoKids recycling collection and most recently Family Bingo. It has been super to see these so well supported by our children and their families as well as raising funds for the school. A new wooden pagoda has now been bought for the quiet area on the playground, replacing the willow one so that the children have a place to sit and reflect.

SATs Booster Clubs have now started for KS1 and KS2, as well as the other sports clubs and sewing club on offer.

As is our tradition, on Shrove Tuesday every pupil helped make and flip pancakes before enjoying eating them. Maples class also had the pleasure of additional pancakes during an R.E lesson delivered by Simon from the Bridgebuilder Trust, during which they learnt more about the significance of Lent and its associated traditions.

We will remember them

posted 9 Nov 2018, 04:02 by Bow Brickhill   [ updated 9 Nov 2018, 05:12 ]

This year marks 100 years since the end of World War I.  To commemorate this event, pupils at Bow Brickhill have been creating displays relating to the Poppy, which is used as the symbol for Remembrance Day.  

The front of the school was turned into a memorial garden, with crosses (created by Oaks) on which they wrote the names of all the men who appear on the war memorial in Bow Brickhill.  Surrounding these crosses, we planted 'poppies' made by all the children in school and displayed a Kandinski style art work of poppies, created by Acorns class.

Cedars decorated the front window of the hall with silhouettes to represent the soldiers who went to war and are based on the 'silent silhouettes' that have been on display across the country as part of the Thank You campaign by the Royal British Legion.

Maples class created poppies to display in their front window, which act like stained glass, glowing red in the light from the class.

Lastly, the whole school walked to the War Memorial today for our annual Remembrance Day service and laying of the wreath.  Mr Leeming, one of our governors, gave the address and we all observed a minute's silence.  Thank you to all the parents who also attended the memorial with us.

Welcome Back!

posted 7 Sep 2018, 08:58 by Deputy Head

We hope everybody had a fantastic summer and it is great to see all the children back looking smart and eager to learn! We have welcomed our new learning support assistant Miss Baxendale to the school and have seen several changes outside over the summer holidays, to help us improve our playtimes. We are looking forward to working alongside our parents and children to have a successful Autumn term.

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