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Marathon Club

posted 13 Mar 2020, 09:47 by Anna Rust

Today saw the conclusion of Marathon Club with the 19 participants running the final 5 laps of their challenges in front of the whole school as part of our wider Sport Relief Day events. Well done to the 6 children who completed a marathon, the 10 children who ran an ultra marathon and the 3 children who opted to improve their fitness through walking and running. All of the children showed commitment to participate through the cold winter months and perseverance to run their required number of laps each day. 

Hockey tournament

posted 13 Mar 2020, 09:41 by Anna Rust

Yesterday, a team of just four children took part in the Milton Keynes Schools' Partnership hockey tournament. The children played a series of matches against other schools and did well to finish in 4th place in their pool. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough to progress to the semi-finals but we are proud of their achievements, on such a bitterly cold evening, nevertheless. 


posted 13 Feb 2020, 00:06 by Anna Rust

On Monday 10th February, a team of children from Maples took part in a dodgeball competition against other schools in MK. They played a series of matches and finished a fantastic joint second place. 

Footie league semi finals

posted 30 Jan 2020, 23:09 by Anna Rust

As a result of winning the group stage of the MK footie league, we qualified for the semi finals which took place on Wednesday 29th January. The team won their first match 2-0 against Chestnuts. Lennox scored early on in the game and Warwick scored later with a well-aimed free kick. Unfortunately, the team lost their next games against Willen and New Chapter and were not able to progress to the finals. However the children are looking forward to playing friendly matches against other schools later in the year. 

Indoor athletics

posted 27 Jan 2020, 23:54 by Anna Rust

On Monday 27th January, some children in years 4, 5 and 6 took part in an indoor athletics competition against children from other schools. They competed in a track event, a field event and the relay. All the children were pleased with their performances. We were particularly proud of Misha and Lexi who were competing in a school sports competition for the first time.

Hockey skills

posted 23 Jan 2020, 23:18 by Anna Rust

On Monday 20th January, six children from Cedars took part in a hockey festival where they developed their skills of the game. The children began by participating in mini competitive skills-based tasks against each other where they learned how to control a hockey stick, pass and move with the ball. The festival finished with a few games against teams from other schools. The children will apply their new skills when taking part in a hockey tournament in March. 

Footie league - fixture 3

posted 15 Jan 2020, 23:38 by Anna Rust

Yesterday our school football team played their sixth and seventh matches as part of the MK league. They won the first match against Caroline Haslett with the only goal of the game being scored by Lennox half way through. The team also won their second game, 2-0, with the goals being scored by Lennox and Princess. Also of particular note is Dali who made some excellent saves throughout both games. 

Badminton festival

posted 15 Jan 2020, 23:37 by Anna Rust

On Monday 13th January, seven children took part in a badminton festival for children in years three and four. They completed eight skills based activities, working with their peers to score points. The children really enjoyed the festival, with some saying that they wished it was every week! It was fantastic to have some children participating in an inter-school event for the first time. All of the children made huge progress in terms of their accuracy, serving and hitting of the shuttle throughout the event. Their certificate of participation from the organisers as well as their School Games values certificates for passion, teamwork and determination were well deserved. 

Basketball competition

posted 27 Nov 2019, 12:18 by Anna Rust   [ updated 9 Dec 2019, 06:47 by Bow Brickhill ]

On 14th November, a team of 8 children played a series of 2 v 2 basketball matches against other schools. The children played incredibly well and won four of their five games. They were delighted to finish 2nd place overall.

Footie league

posted 27 Nov 2019, 12:17 by Anna Rust   [ updated 9 Dec 2019, 06:47 by Bow Brickhill ]

This year, we are competing in a football league for the first time. The children were very excited about wearing the brand-new yellow football strip. The first league fixture was held on Wednesday 13th November. After losing the first match, the team persevered and played superbly to win their second game. The next fixture was held on 27th November. The team showed all of the School Games values, particularly determination and teamwork, to win all three of their matches. Well done Bow Brickhill! The next fixtures on the league are in the new year. They will continue to train with Miss Baxendale a lunchtimes in the meantime.

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