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If you are applying to the school on faith grounds, there is an additional form which needs to be signed by your local church. 
The form can be downloaded here.

If you wish to make any objections to the determined admissions policy, please see the note below:-

Any objections to the arrangements can be referred to the Schools Adjudicator.  Any objections MUST be referred to the Adjudicator by 15 May (SAC 15.c).

Adjudicators Address:  OSA, Bishopsgate House, Feethams, Darlington, DL1 5QE

Pre-School Visits
The first day at school is an important event in the lives of all children (and parents). To help the children in this transitional period we offer several stages of visit during the summer term. The pre-schools within Bow Brickhill will have the opportunity to visit with the children and their staff for two afternoon sessions in June. Following this the children will have three further sessions where parents are invited to attend, this allows both the children and the parents to develop a familiarity with the school before September.  There will also be an information evening for parents to attend in June where we will share our vision for your child's first year at school. Parents will receive a letter giving details of the arrangements for the information evening towards the end of May/start of June.