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September 2021

Since arriving back at school at the start of September, Cedars have been busy learning about the incredible work of those working at Bletchley Park during World War II. We learnt about all of the different roles people had during this time and had a go at a version of roles in our Topic lessons before deciding which job we would have preferred to have. Last week in DT, we built our own paper aeroplanes and used World War II planes as an inspiration when designing the paint work. The weather was even kind to us and allowed us to see how far they could fly across the playground! Over the past 4 weeks, we have learnt about some of the changes which have occurred in Bletchley since World War II and why these may have happened.

The children have been working hard in their Computing lessons and are able to use a variety of programs to draw and design pictures. Last week, the class were able to use a range of shapes on Word, change the colour of these and format them in order to design their own machines. There was a design for an ice cream maker, a self driving car, a transformer robot and many more brilliant ideas.

Animal Art

In Art today, Cedars were creating their own animal masks after learning about how people in the Stone Age believed they could turn into animals to help with their hunting expeditions. We thought about the different types of animals the Stone Age people would have hunted before creating our own masks using card and straws. Some children even used additional paper to create a 3D element to their masks as well as adding antlers or ears onto their animals.

100 Challenge

Cedars have been enjoying taking part in challenges based around the number 100 in honour of Captain Sir Tom Moore's 100 laps of his garden which saw him raise a huge amount of money for the NHS. Some of the challenges we took part in included: writing the numbers 1 - 100 in 100 seconds, completing 10 circuits of our hopscotch on the playground, writing 100 words about living in a Stone Age house, drawing a funny picture in 100 seconds and finding ways in which to say 100 in different languages. There are many challenges which the children can be taking part in over the bank holiday weekend whilst at home.

Please see below some photos of what we have been doing recently.

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