Parental Feedback

Our Provision as Church of England school - What Parents say

(Comments taken from questionnaire January 2020)

Why did you choose Bow Brickhill CE Primary School for your child/children?

It is our local primary school – we like a village school

Because it is small and I wanted my son to be known as an individual. When we visited we just loved the feel of the school.

Because all the staff care, the school is all the children… the staff listen, help and support. We believe this school can support and teach our children more about their faith as well as others and we love how the school values are implemented.

Because it is a very good school ad has good values.

I was looking for a small school where my children could friendships and a school with a Christian faith background.

What do you think makes Bow Brickhill CE Primary school so distinctive?

Small school with a community atmosphere.

Very friendly teachers and good relationships with the children and the parents.

They are brilliant and caring and supportive.

Nurturing and strong values.

The staff know every child…nurturing attitude to the children.

It is a very approachable and small environment where everyone seems welcome. I did not realise when my eldest child started school that every child and every teacher would soon know his name!

Children’s behaviour – I think it’s better than other schools.

It’s ran like a school not a business, a rare find in Milton Keynes, making the children feel welcome and secure…Great SEN understanding and willingness to take an active role in providing SEN children the best support, helping them feel included.

The whole school has a lovely atmosphere like a big family where all pupils and staff work together towards the common goal.

The size of it. It makes communication face to face easier each day.

Its family feel. The effort of all the staff and involved parents. Excellent FOTS team organising lovely events.

Strong values, Nurturing ethos – supportive.

The school community atmosphere, warm and approachable.

Its size, it really does ensure that it knows each of the pupils as individuals. I like that it is part of a community.

How do you feel it is different from a non-church primary school?

The school has a good community feel and this is likely due to the connections with the church in the village.

Greater emphasis on faith. X regularly talks about she has learnt in this area at home. Focus on Christian values.

More focussed on values – values drive the behaviour around the school.

I like the way the school represents all Christian values and implements them into all school related activities.

They instil better values in all children, they ensure everyone is respectful, kind, honest, forgiving, and responsible and build their confidence and courage. They help all the children even the little 4 year olds to be responsible and independent, with a positive self-image. Everything at this school is done with care and the child’s well-being absolutely paramount.

Teaches values from the bible, daily focus on Christianity, I always feel the school is ‘gentle and kind’.

The school is more integrated into the community as a result of it being a church school. A church school brings the pupils (and their families) to the local church (church services) and likewise the church comes to the school (Open the Book, Christingle etc).

Christian values, church services are part of the term and regular assemblies.

Just so much care and love. Children appreciate it all.

The Christian ethos help the children building on the school values and long term values of hope, resilience, gratitude and belief in themselves.

How would you describe the ethos of the school?

Inclusive and restorative.

Very, very good.


Small, friendly, approachable, community orientated and supportive/inclusive.

This school’s ethos is fantastic and a role model for other schools. They work alongside the parents, they listen, they support, they help…prepares children for their future in a confident, healthy, independent way.

Caring, nurturing, kind. Allows the children to respect others, take responsibility and themselves and others.

The value that is placed on every member of the school community.

I believe this school is doing an excellent job using and implementing the Christian ethos in its curriculum for the benefit of all children.

The school values have great importance placed on them and the children seem to respond positively to this.

Caring, supportive, inclusive.

Warm, welcoming, children very supportive of one another.

The values underpin the work that the school does.

Does your child talk about worship in school? What do they say?

They like the singing assemblies and singing in church.

She talks about the services and Open the Book e.g. explaining what story Valerie has told and the questions she has asked.

They enjoy it.

They enjoy learning about different faiths. They talk about the Bible stories.

Today that have been asking about Jesus after watching a video…enjoys the church trips.

My son likes all the church services and assemblies very much and talks about them regularly. I believe he enjoys the songs and the stories from the Bible the most.

…we have raised our children with faith in God but their true understanding and enthusiasm has been from this school. My children excitedly tell me what they have learnt and look forward to R.E days, going to church, assemblies. We are very proud to see them so engaged in their faith.

My daughter loves going to the church services.

They tell me many things that I feel I have never learned! The children enjoy the R.E lessons, assemblies, and church services and Open the Book and I learn a lot from them. I am proud of their knowledge.

Church services - they love attending and being a part of. Assemblies and singing hymns. She enjoys and repeats the prayer and songs at home.

They enjoy praying together and the singing.

Do you attend school church services? If so what do you feel are the strengths of school services?

I like the way the children are given the majority of the roles in leading the service. The end of year service is very emotional. Songs are chosen to reflect the theme of the service. It’s great that parents can be part of the church service too.

Yes, uplifting, friendly and positive.

I’ve attended all the church services. Lovely to attend with the children, especially at Christmas. All feel part of the school.

Yes, I attend. The strength is the coming together of the whole school in the village setting. My children recognise the local church, governors and the community rector.

We both like the way the kids are playing parts in these services and can easily relate to all relevant scriptures or topics.

I think the biggest strength is showing the children a community brought together outside of school…showing there’s more to faith then what we see and learn in school. It’s an opportunity to celebrate together, be together, something that’s not always easy for everyone these days. It keeps the children excited about faith.

Yes, the way the church and school work together.