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October 2021

This term in Maples we have been learning all about Eastern Europe. The children have been using atlases and maps to find out more about the countries that call this incredible continent home! We have closely examined the varying landscapes across this intriguing part of the world and thought about why the climates may differ from other parts of Europe.

With our attention focusing on the landscapes in these areas, the children have created some wonderful artwork looking at different Eastern European cities. Using cross hatching and shading, the children have tried to add depth to their drawings to make them come alive!

We have also been completing some wonderful descriptive writing, focusing on a range of figurative devices and features. The children can now include metaphors, similes, personification, alliteration and hyperbole within their sentences to help to create an image for the reader with their words.


Despite the cold weather we have been recently having in Milton Keynes, our new topic is taking us south to the warm, wonderful and wild continent of Africa! We have already enjoyed discovering more about the countries which make up this incredible continent, with the children creating their own presentations about 30 of the 54 countries. The presentations were excellent and helped us to learn more about these fascinating countries which sit either side of the equator.

We have also been lucky enough to have a whole range of fascinating fabrics, sculptures, clothing and jewellery lent to us by a very kind parent. The class is very excited to look at the objects in more detail, which should help us to learn more about the country of Kenya and its unique culture and history. We have used some of the items to help make our new classroom display, which will help the children immerse themselves in our new topic when they enter our room each morning.


Over the Spring Term, we had a wonderful time learning all about World War Two. The children thoroughly enjoyed looking at this topic and learnt so much about all different aspects of this time in history. We were lucky enough to have some wonderful books donated to us from a member in the village, which really helped support our learning. Additionally, we were able to finally hold our topic day where the children came to school dressed as people who may have lived between 1939 - 1945. One of our topic day tasks was making a traditional vegetable soup (which would have been eaten during rationing). The children loved it and had a great time preparing the vegetables.

Please see below some photos of what we have been doing recently.

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