R.E Day November 2019

On Friday 25th November, we enjoyed a whole school R.E Day starting with assembly where we learnt about the Last Supper and Jesus’ sharing of the bread and wine with his disciples. We thought about the significance of this simple act and how it has become part an important part of Christian worship today.

In groups, from foundation through to year 6, pupils rotated through workshops to develop their understanding of other Anglican traditions including the colours of the church year, the belief in the Holy Trinity and the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer.

Considering the question, ‘What does God Look like?’ pupils created their own artwork using a variety of media. A prayer space also played an important part in the day with children encouraged to write prayers or simply to take time to reflect.

RE Day 2019

RE Day 2017

On Monday 2nd 2017 October we came together in house groups to learn about our school Christian values and the stories Jesus told. Each house group visited workshops during the day to do activities with different adults. We worked together, showed respect and had fun!


We learnt about the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den, making dens using a range of materials and acting out the story using puppets.


We listened to the story of The Prodigal Son and then used drama to recreate scenes. We all had an effervescent tablet to dissolve in water, representing how we can show forgiveness and start again.


We heard the story of Jesus meeting Zacchaeus and how he helped Zacchaeus to recognise his mistakes and become honest. We wrote prayers and reflected on our own lives in a prayer space.


After sharing the story of The Lost Sheep we went on our own hunt in groups and found parts of the story to put it back together in the correct order.


We finished the day with another assembly using a Godly Play with images to recreate the story of The Loaves and the Fishes.