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Latest Update - September 2021

We have been so excited to be able to welcome in a full cohort of children into our Foundation class this term, all wearing our new uniform! After consultation with the pupils, parents, governors and staff, we agreed to change the colour of our sweatshirts and cardigans to purple. The purple provides us with a link to our church school status, being a colour used in the church year often signifying preparation and wisdom. We continue to have the yellow school logo and the yellow summer dress as part of our uniform.

Our new Foundation children have settled in so well, we are really proud of how they have already learnt all of the morning routines. They have started having school lunches and they have already begun to make lots of new friendships. Our focus this half term is ‘All About Me’ and the children have done some fabulous paintings of themselves which are already up on the wall for all to see. In the coming weeks we will be talking about families, growing up and thinking about our friends.

In Year 1/2 the children have settled in with their new teacher and have started with an exciting topic all about ‘Journeys’. As part of this, the children will be exploring both local and international journeys. The topic allows the children to develop their understanding of maps, looking at similarities and differences between places and also enables them to find out how our food arrives on our doorsteps.

In Key Stage 2 the children in Year 3/4 are learning through a topic titled ‘Bletchley Park’. This relevant topic is sure to engage all the pupils as they find out about a historic moment which happened right on their doorstep. Finally, the children in Year 5/6 are learning through a topic called ‘Eastern Europe’. This geography based topic will develop the children’s knowledge of the countries in the area as they investigate landscapes and climates, as well as taking a closer look at Russia, learning more about its culture and heritage.

As a school, we have followed the government advice and no longer work in bubbles. This has enabled us to go back to building up our school community as a whole. We have been able to have whole school assemblies, we have sung as a whole school and been able to mix again at lunchtimes. It has been lovely to see the older children in our school build relationships with the younger members and we are looking forward to reintroducing roles such as play leaders and restorative leaders to support us going forward. The oldest children in school were also excited to be able to take up their pupil leadership roles, something which last year’s cohort unfortunately missed.

Latest Update - May 2021

Throughout April, Bow Brickhill CE Primary School have been busy thinking about others. As a school we support various charities and one which we have been supporting recently is the Bananabox Trust which supports children in Malawi. As such, we have recently donated two class sets of chairs to the project so that they can be used in a school. We regularly collect old uniform, stationery, football boots or trainers to send over in support and it was lovely for us to donate something different this month. By supporting this charity we are able to help the children in Malawi whilst also developing our own children's understanding of the responsibility we have to make a positive difference to the lives of others.

Following on from this, we have also been busy raising funds of our own to enable us to regenerate our tired looking vegetable patch. Our Friends of the School Team (FOTS) have been busy meeting with different landscapers to help us design a new vegetable area which all the pupils in the school will benefit from. Once refurbished, the children will be involved in selecting what we grow in this vegetable garden, planting and looking after the produce as it grows. Once the vegetables are harvested, the children will be able to cook with them in lessons and learn about the process of growing. To help us raise funds for this project, the school took part in a "Bags to School" scheme, by bringing in unwanted clothes and shoes we were able to raise over £200! Thank you to all who donated.

The final weekend in April saw us celebrate the life of Captain Tom Moore. On what would have been his 101st birthday we joined in with many other schools around the country to help us remember his amazing achievements. The children in each class were set a series of challenges with a link to the number 100. The children had great fun completing the challenges such as reading 100 pages of a book, completing a 100m egg and spoon race through to the writing of the numbers 1 - 100 in roman numerals. The children were challenged to complete as many of the other activities as they could by the end of the Bank Holiday Monday.

We would like to send a big "Thank You" to Donald Grant, a local villager who very very kindly lent Y5/6 some books about the war and is hoping to come in and share some experiences with them in the near future. The children really got a lot from it, so thank you. Now we are looking forward to the second half of our summer term and welcoming our new pupils as well as preparing for our current year 6 children for the next stage in their education journey in secondary school.

Consultation on Proposed New Uniform

A letter has today been sent by Parentmail with reference to a consultation period for a proposed change to the school uniform. Responses can be submitted to and are required by 21st May.

A copy of the letter is attached here

Latest Update - April 2021

The summer term has started and even though we had snow on the first day back, we are definitely ready to embrace the summer term and some of the usual event we would do; welcoming our new Foundation chi8ldren, saying goodbye to our current Year 6's and supporting the rest of the school through their transition into the next year of their learning. But before we get to those events we have a lot of learning to squeeze in!

Our EYFS class have started a topic all about Dinosaurs, arriving on the first day of term to find a giant egg in a nest. They found out what animals might hatch from eggs and watched a video on how a chick develops inside an egg, then they looked at some photos and videos from a couple of years ago, when we had our own duckling eggs hatch at school, something we hope to do next year when things have returned to normality.

In Year 1/2 the topic is "Great Fire of London". The children started this topic with a whole day finding out about London. They started off by finding out where London is and how they could get there. Then they looked at famous landmarks using Google Earth, webcams and pictures. They enjoyed a quiz to see how many they could name. After lunchtime, they prepared an afternoon tea. The children made cucumber sandwiches, fruit kebabs and decorated iced biscuits. They also made bunting. At the end of the day, the class went on a virtual boat trip down the River Thames. They had their tickets checked and some of them took on the role of Captain. During the trip, the children ate their afternoon tea and learnt some more about famous landmarks from their brilliant staff tour guide.

The half term, Year 3/4 will be travelling back in time to more than 2 million years ago, arriving at the start of the Stone Age. Their topic, "Tribal Tales" will provide the opportunity to learn about the daily lives f the people who lived in Britain during this time as well as those alive in the Bronze Age and Iron Age. The children are looking forward to experiencing a variety of activities as they learn about this period in time including the opportunity to create their own versions of artefacts using different materials and exploring Stone Age art work to inspire their own creations.

Finally, the children in Year 5/6 having just completed their World War 2 topic are now commencing a topic about the fascinating continent of Africa. During lessons they will eb investigating Africa's geographical location, its countries' varying terrrains and climates, the exotic and interesting wildlife that live here and much, much more.

Easter Service and Events

After a strange start to the spring term we were pleased to be able to hold some of our traditional Easter events, bringing a degree of normality back to the school day.

Although unable to attend church, the children and staff congregated on the playground in socially distanced bubbles for our Easter service with year 6 confidently retelling the Easter story. Year 3/4 performed the song ‘Lean On Me’ through sign language, reminding us of the friendship Jesus shared with his disciples and his love for us. Later in the day, each class enjoyed some fun Easter activities organised by FOTS, with each child receiving an Easter goody bag to take home. A happy end to the term.